Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design

The Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design collection represents a lifetime of appreciation for and devotion to good design, displaying over 2,000 of the best designed and most artistic manufactured objects. Ranging from the early 1900s to present day, the museum features everything from cars, bikes and motorcycles to toys, canoes, golf gear, radios, toasters, and typewriters.

Thinking about how, as a civilized society, we use our resources, is becoming increasingly important. By making everyday objects both functional and beautiful, and by recognizing and valuing the effort of the industrial designers that do so, we can reduce our throwaway culture tendencies.  

The museum collection features work by many designers, including some of the history's most eminent: Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Aalvar Alto, Raymond Loewy, Norman Bel Geddes, Eero Saarinen, and Marcel Breuer.

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The Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design

45 Bridge Street 

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Open Fri., Sat., Sun. — 12-4 or by appointment



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